Sunday, November 17, 2013

Style is a State of Mind

And my state of mind lately has been heaps of laziness mixed with feelings of being overwhelmed. A vicious cycle. This picture was taken on... October 8th? Whenever Arctic Monkeys came to town. It is now November 17th. I am just getting around to updating this. *smacks self.*

At least Teddy's outfit is still applicable, what with all this fluctuating weather. I've loathed 20 degree days in October and have celebrated 70 degree days just this past weekend. It's as if the wintry spirits are working only part time this year, which I have no complaints about. Anyways, if I could dress half as nice as this guy (on a regular Tuesday, nonetheless) I would be a lot happier with myself day by day. Love the sports jacket elbow patches and the trousers. Who wears trousers anymore? This needs to happen more often. I'm tired of the frat short/jeans dichotomy.

Those shoes though.

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