Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quiet In the Afternoon

I don't know if you have noticed, but we'rreeeeee back! At least for now. I remember embarking on my Junior Year with the idealistic optimism of a can-do attitude. I told myself, I can do it all! I can ace all my classes and the MCAT and do research and other necessary things all the while maintaining a street style blog AND a social life; aren't I just the best? Well, spoiler alert, didn't happen, but you already knew that. So I make no promises for Senior year. Secretly I was hoping to take a breather this year but I've had many grad students warn me (they love to burst any and all bubbles that I may be sporting) that it doesn't get easier, and in fact may get even more difficult. I believe them... :c. I love this blog though. I've forgotten many of its birthdays and anniversaries and other miscellaneous milestones (i.e. actually making posts) but it is in my heart every day.

On to the post. Shift dresses are so interesting. I don't think they've got the most flattering silhouettes, mostly because every time you move, the dress "shifts" with you, and for some reason all the "lines" you've got under it just become pronounced. At the same time there's something lovely about the straight cut, almost like a trapezoidal sack that you hang from your shoulders. That sounds un-lovely but what I mean to say is that it's rather a simple affair: unassuming and somewhat humble, a casual ease. It's kind of boyish or androgynous and so reminiscent of Twiggy. However, I don't weigh under 100 lbs, and my legs are a bit more branchy than twiggy so it doesn't have that same striking effect. Also, I can't do eye make up worth shit. Thank god I had these huge white sunnies to hide behind.

I really do love the shift dress + white socks + wingtip oxfords look, though, straight stole it from Suzie in Moonrise Kingdom. I tried to stay true to the mod look but my hair wasn't really having it, as it is often wont to do.

I look like I'm on the cover of a Murakami novel here and I LOVE IT.

Sunnies - 80s Purple
Oxfords - Modcloth
Shift Dress - Forever21
Socks - UO
Necklace - Mummy

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