Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sleep Is My Friend And My Rival

Some of you may notice that this post is coming at you at 3.00e8 meters per second at 2:40 AM from Featheringill, the hall where dreams go to die.


Sometimes I get weird when it's really late and school hits me over the side of the head like a cast iron skillet. I get all useless at working and mostly pop bubbles or virtually slice fruit to itsy bitsy pieces on Fruit Ninja. I guess I am apologizing for this post before I post it and while I post it. Surely I will also apologize for it afterwards.

Have I mentioned how valuable the lost art of color-blocking is? Its incomprehensible nature can often elude the sharpest of fashionistas. We'll buy things that come pre-color-blocked or pair otherwise cute colors that, together, look rather odious. So when I see it done right, that's when I like to get a picture. Combinations that generally work for me include:

  • Monochromatic Colors
  • Monochromatic Colors with different vibrancies (i.e. Chelsea from last week)
  • Almost-complementary colors (How good does blue look with yellow? Eh?)
  • Multiple, uneven ratios of interesting color combinations.
  • Neon/Pastel, although I've yet to see anybody on campus do this...
  • And... like Adesewa does here, complementary colors (essentially).

What softens the look somewhat is the peachiness of the blouse (as opposed to loud and bright orange). To me, this works better.

I feel like I am going crazy though, so I must sign off.


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