Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Is It About Wednesdays

...that make them so miserable? I understand the whole concept of the "hump day" phenomenon, but I still just don't quite get it. Perhaps it was the (seasonably) cold weather or the fact that it's finals week, but today was very strange and surreal and I almost forgot which planet I was living on, let alone what day of the week it was. As you can tell, I am decidedly not studying for finals at this moment (but I have been all day, I promise). Speaking of planets, for all you nerds out there, look up Kepler-22b... it's some distant planet between the sizes of Earth and Neptune, about the same distance from a star as we are. The discovery channel sez it's possible that life could form on it, due to its orbit in a habitable location around a star... How awesome would that be?

I wonder if there are alien life forms out there fighting off sleep and studying differential equations... or maybe they're way ahead of us on that front. Who knows?

I've borrowed my friend's camera for the past few weeks and I've taken a few really good pictures. Unfortunately, it will take me a little bit of time to get them on here because it requires a trip down to CVS, as there is no converter, which is a bummer. But, photo quality is so much better! I do feel like the paparazzi when I carry it though, and nobody likes the paparazzi. Anyways, in the meantime, I have a great street style shot of Katie from lunch last Thursday! I don't know what it is about Grins, but all the pictures I get there always turn out so nice... what a lovely place.

Loved Katie's color choices, and the details of her gorgeous sweater! The sleeves are beaded!! Stand-out sweaters are hard to find, I've discovered... especially this time of year when really all you can afford to cycle are sweaters (or intricately layered stuff, but honestly I'd rather sleep) and everybody ends up wearing the same stuff.



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